Hortence Burger

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Full Name: Hortence Burger (former Luccesi)
Gender: Female
First appearance: Dan VS Burgerphile
  • Career
Voice Actor:


Hortence in a flowery dress.
Hortence in her wedding dress.


Hortence has long, dark hair. She has a slim figure and tired eyes. We see her in multiple outfits throughout the show, one being her Burgerphile uniform.

Career and Life[edit]

Hortence is a employee at the restaurant chain Burgerphile, who gets promoted to regional manager due to her services during events of the show.

Contrary to popular belief due to ongoing jokes about Hortence's age on the Dan Vs Facebook page, according to Dan Mandel she's canonically an adult.

Personality and Traits[edit]

She seems to be quickly attached to men who show interest and kindness towards her. The interest could also be towards men of power. She states, however, that she sincerely loves Jeremiah.
When she is first introduced, she seems very naive and influence-able, but takes action when needed. In the next episode we see her, her appearance and expressions are more mature.