Dr. Pullum

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Dr. Pullum (AKA The Dentist) is a evil dentist, who runs Dr. Pullums Family Dentistry. He is voiced by Mark Hamil. He is known for scamming people into coming back, having a car (The Incisor-1) and running an evil lair in the desert.


He is an old man, with greyed hair and a mid sized stature. While in practice, he wears a plain white lab coat. As a supervillain, he wears a tooth shaped outfit with a purple cape.

Personality and Traits[edit]

By day, Dr. Pullum is a local dentist, running his own dentist office. He appears kindhearted(even to Dan) and is on good terms with his assistant. He has apparently been in practice for years, having meet Dan when he was only 5 years old.

In actuality, Dr. Pullum is a supervillain, bent on taking over the world by way of dental implant mind control. Operating out of a secret 'Tooth Base' in the middle of the Nevada Desert, he develops various inventions to help in this goal. He fits many of the stereotypical villain traits, evil lair, evil plan, evil car, evil laugh, etc.


Prior to the events of the show, during Dan's 5th birthday, he gave him a root canal(likely unneeded) along with a special 'Enamel Seeking Bear', designed to seek out and destroy teeth.

During the events of 'The Dentist', his Enamel Bear managed to destroy one of Dan's teeth, which he was unable to repair himself. He then preformed an operation to fix it, but added BOTH a cavity to ensure he'd come back, and a chip to cause him intense pain in case he discovered his scheme.

Dan did infact discover the scheme, with the help of Elise, and attacked Pullum at his office. Pullum managed to escape, dawning his supervillain outfit and escaping with his car to his 'Tooth Lair' Dan and Chris eventually tracked him down, defeating his robots and coming face to face with him. Using his Novocaine Blaster and Pain Chip, he nearly won, but was defeated, ironically enough, by his own Enamel Bear, ruining his perfect teeth.

He was last seen climbing from the rubble of his destroyed base, swearing revenge on Dan.


  • His super car is called 'The Incisor-1'
  • He is voiced by Mark Hamil, famous for voicing The Joker, a Batman villain.
  • His base is guarded by an army of 'Dentobots'