Greatwill Employees

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We are a motley crew

The Greatwill Employees are the people who work at the fictional thrift store chain Greatwill, based off of Goodwill. The four employees consist of Crunchy, Mike, a balding white man, and an overweight black woman. They all appear to dislike the SAF for stealing their customers.

Events of the Episode[edit]

Crunchy appears early on in the episode, acting unusually misanthropic and nihilistic. He's apparently become aware of his mortality, and is having a cynical episode because of it.(It's unclear if legal or illegal substances were involved) Crunchy then proceeds to give Dan the chair for free, after learning he plans to use it as a Trojan Horse against the Salvation Armed Forces.

Near the end of the episode, under the pseudonym "General Anesthesia", commands the employees of the Greatwill to help him launch an all out assault against the SAF. Despite some confusion on the radio about who exactly 'Rodger' was, the team manage to liberate Dan's Car from the SAF.