Hippies of the SS. Friendship

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The Hippies of the SS. Friendship are a large crew of pacifist protestors roaming the Gulf of Santa Catalina during the events of The Beach. Their members consist of Hippie Leader, Thunderbird, a fat bearded man, a smoker, and a scrawny shaggy looking man. They fly their flagship, the SS. Friendship, and also apparently own a large 60s style hippie van.



Their leader is a large bearded man in a red old fashioned military style outfit, and the captain of the crew. Despite being a true blooded hippie, he is, in fact, a terrible leader, and is unable to rally his troops into action during the episode, rather simply sitting around and discussing stuff. He is easily fooled by Dan and Chris, and is unable to stop them once they betray him.


Named after the great mythical bird of the Native peoples, Thunderbird is a tall black hippie with an afro, and a believer in aura. Despite this, he seems to most self aware of the group, seemingly annoyed by the constant drum circles and lack of action.

Fat White Man[edit]

An extremely overweight fat bearded man, he is the one who signals out Dan and Chris, saving them from drowning. He is apparently a firm believer in their rituals, and is decked out in full hippie garb.

Shaggy Dude[edit]

A tall lanky and shaggy man.

Shirtless Man[edit]

A shirtless man who seems to enjoy their ritual dances.

Pipe Smoker[edit]

A tall, hairy man who smokes an unknown herb(likely weed) from a pipe

Giant Hippie[edit]

An extremely tall hippie with a red shirt.


  • They seem to be charactitures of the stereotypical late 60s early 70s hippies. Weird beliefs, odd manner of speaking, psychedelic garb, and refuses to take much action.
  • Dan mistakes them for missionaries on several occasions.
  • Thunderbirds name is a reference to the Native American legend of the Thunderbird, a cloud sized eagle. This is likely in reference to hippies liking all natural and native sounding names.