IRS Super Model

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'The IRS Super Model is a super model, resident of Casa Paradisio, IRS Agent, pancake baker, and figment of Dan's subconscious mind. She only appears in the premier of Dan Vs. The Wolf-Man, in a dream sequence. Her real name is unknown, she simply identifies herself as a super model(while Dan claims she is IRS, and it's his dream so presumably he's correct). At the end of the dream she briefly turns into a banshee like monster, only for it to be revealed her screeches are merely Dan's alarm clock waking it up.

Alongside being an extremely attractive model, she apparently intends on making Dan pancakes, seemingly being his ideal woman in his mind. Despite this, Dan is still paranoid of her.


Her appearance is that of a busty and borderline amazonian model, with heavily exaggerated hips and breasts. She is seen wearing a yellow low cut one-piece dress. When in her monster state, she develops pale green skin and elongated jagged teeth.

Usage in the Fandom[edit]

The IRS Super Model has become arguably the most iconic one-off character in the series, due to the scene featuring her becoming an extremely popular short-form meme on Youtube and Tiktok. In particular, the opening dialogue where Dan suspects her to be an IRS Agent in disguise has become a common meme.