Jeremiah Burger

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Full Name: Jeremiah Burger
Gender: Male
First appearance: Dan VS Burgerphile
  • His Business
  • Food
  • Women
Voice Actor:


A younger Jeremiah, featured in a book.


Jeremiah is an overweight man who chooses to wear suits. His hairline is fleeting on to the backside of his head, suggesting that he is in his 40s or 50s.

Career and Life[edit]

He is the owner of the Burgerphile restaurant chain. Because of his wealth, he is featured in the book "Who Is Who In Beef", where he is portrayed as a billionaire with a fluctuating interest in women. He has been married and divorced multiple times. His latest interest is Hortence, who he plans to get married to in episode S2E9. The wedding is stopped by Dan, but Hortence assures that she will still get married to Jeremiah and both will move far away.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Jeremiah has a dominating personality, but values costumer service. He is loud and self-assure. A strong interest seem to be younger women – much younger, in fact. Hortense is under age (about 15) when they want to get married and we don't witness anyone but Dan objecting this (but not even for the reason of age difference).

As stated by Dan, Jeremiah eats nothing but Burgers, however we don't know is that is actually true. In the Episode S1E20 he states that he "had his mid-day burger", so Dan's statement might not be too far off. Because of his weight and weak heart, it's safe to assume he doesn't have the healthiest of diets, as he has a heart attack during the run time of the show.

He carries a spatula in his suit.