Mr. Zimmerman

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I'm actually a good boss

Mr. Zimmerman is the boss of the Telemarketing Temp Company(LA branch) from 'Pre-Season 1' to 'The Telemarketer', and was Chris's boss when he worked there.

Personal Life and Events Before the Show[edit]

It's unknown how Zimmerman got to his high ranking role, but he managed to beat the odds and prove that nice guys can finish first. He owns a orange cat of unknown name, though he appears to love it. By the time the show starts, he's the boss of their downtown LA location, where Chris Pearson works.

Events of Traffic[edit]

During the first half of Traffic, Dan continiously pesters Chris at work, eventually prompting Mr. Zimmerman to inform Chris there are no personal calls. He's clearly a forgiving boss, not taking action against Chris, for example.

At some unknown point between this episode and "The Telemarkter", the company relocated to Reseda, taking Zimmerman with them.

Events of Telemarketer[edit]

Elise manages to discover The Telemarketer is working at the company, and in the wee hours of the morning the trio go to stake out the building. Mr. Zimmerman(talking with a red haired woman, possibly a secretary or wife) is outside, with Chris suggesting the man could probably get them inside.

Elise, following her usual approach, attacks and beats Mr. Zimmerman to near death, only realizing that wasn't what Chris meant after.(This scared Dan so much he took Elise off his revenge list.

While we never see him again, Chris states he lived, and within a week he's "off the respirator", implying Elise seriously damaged his lungs, and by extension, his rib cage. Most likely breaking most of his ribs and collapsing one of his lungs, which would require emergency surgery.

It's implied these injuries forced him to resign, as by Season 3 someone............else, is running the company's Reseda location.


  • His name could be a reference to the Zimmerman Telegram, as he works in the telemarketing business.
  • He and his company are one of the few recurring aspects that evolve and change over the series, along with Hortence's rank and Dan's Grandma's status.
  • Chris was apparently under the impression they had moved overseas, and had he known they were merely going to Reseda he would have stuck with the company. He fulfills this statement in 'The Boss', as he and Dan go to work for the company for a few days.