Pink Shirted Theatre Actor

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The Pink Shirted Theatre Actor is an actor who appears in Ye Old Shakespeare Dinner Theatre. While he has a small role, there's still plenty to discuss.

Events of the Episode[edit]

He helps the custodian in the cold open, attempting to calmly remove Dan from the theatre. He also helps the mob later int he episode, throwing tomatoes at him

We don't get a proper scene with him until after Tye is kidnapped and deported, the Custodian attempting to invite him along for the mini-golf trip(not knowing Tye was already gone) and Pink Shirt refusing adamantly. Apparently, the year prior, he had ear surgery the year prior, and can't get his ear wet, EVER.

He then decides to take a nap in the corridor, giving Dan a chance to pour soda down his ear, the pain causing him to run into a wall. He is last seen being removed by the paramedic crew.


  • Despite his claims, ear injuries and surgerys rarely require life long water protection. Usually two years or so. This is verified by Captain Jerk, who suffered a Q tip related accident in 2012 that didn't fully heal until 2014. But today, his hearing and eardrum are fully recovered.
  • His name is never revealed