Security Robots

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The Security Robots(or ILSA Clones) are a fleet of mindless security robots built to be physically identical to ILSA. They are activated by "Security Protocol: Barry's in Trouble!" when verbally initiated by Barry Ditmer, they're creator.

While physically identical to ILSA and just as capable as fighting, they lack most of the autonomous function and intelligence that made ILSA (Barry himself referring to them as Security Robots, while ILSA is a Security Android), and are instead directly controlled by the primary Omnicrom Violet Computer. They seem to only be able to follow commands, showcased best when, despite Hiram approaching Barry with clear intent for violence, they stayed perfectly still until Barry sent a new order to terminate 'all of them'.

When the computer was destroyed by Hiram, the entire bot fleet became unstable and began malfunctioning, they're very hardware collapsing along with the building itself(suggesting it too was dependent on the OS to function)