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The Spetsgruppa A, Alpha Group, Alfa Squad, or Directorate "A" of the FSB Special Purpose Center, are a group of Russian Counter-Insurgency Forces that in real life are stationed primarily in the Russian Caucasus regions of Dagestan, Ossetia, and most notably Chechnya.

They appear in the episode Baseball, somewhere South of Eastern Taktarov, a fictional location likely based off of Tabasarav(AKA Dagestan), thusly putting 'South-East of it' in Chechnya, a region known for it's violent insurgent forces fighting for the Chechnyan Muslims.

In the episode, the Spetsgruppa Forces appear to be patrolling a heavily damaged town(based on the pattern, it's mortar damage), likely to stop insurgents. A rogue element of the group apparently acquired a bomb and planted it in the bleachers at RFK Memorial Stadium to go off during the World Series finale. These plans were thwarted by Elise, who ambushed their position in the town, infiltrated their base, and located the nuke just in time to stop it.

Unlike most guards on the show, they don't appear particularly bumbling, even being one of the few groups on the show to actively carry and use firearms(something neither The Berelli Mafia nor the The Snowman had) even firing on Elise. The weapons appear to be SIG516s.

The most notable of them is the one who mistakenly believes Elise is hitting on him, and gives a confused reply before being knocked out.

Their logo appears to be completely fictionalized, but the general outfit design is consistent with Russian Forces.


  • There are a variety of interpretations of what Taktarov(or somewhere south of Eastern Taktarov)is based off of. The bombed out buildings point HEAVILY to the Caucasus Mountains, but the fact a nuke is present suggests it could be further east, such as Tomsk.
  • They are never technically called Spetsgruppa in show, but they are the only group who would be in such an area.
  • They can apparently speak English, at least one of them can.