Theatre Chefs

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The Theatre Chefs are minor characters who appear in the episode, Dan VS Ye Olde Shakespearean Dinner Theatre One is a skinny man who wears the whole chef outfit while there's an overweight man who only wears a chef's hat, white tank top, an apron and pair of green pants. They also have food stains on their clothing.

They appear to be experienced workers, joking around and cracking jokes.

Events of the Episode[edit]

Their duties include cooking, taking out the trash and guarding the Ye Olde Shakespearean Dinner Theatre.

We see them twice near the start of the episode.

First, when Chris and Elise shanghai Dan along to the theatre and he vocally and loudly complains, the Chefs, along with several other employees, surround and throw Dan out. Later, when Dan attempts to upend the performance after acquiring the mask, they join the mob that runs him out of the building.

Afterwards, when Elise goes to confront Tye, the two Chefs attempt to stop her, fighting her with kitchen utensils, but they quickly lose and get knocked out.

Near the end of the episode, we see them again, preparing the soup for the dinner. (The thinner one apparently taking his time to get into the role as a warlock) They are easily distracted by Chris, and, despite the skinny one's concern, they fail to check the soup again despite the sudden change in color and appearance.

They disappear for the rest of the episode and aren't seen during the riot, but since they 're right next to the back door they likely escaped.


  • Despite getting into a fight with Elise, knowing full well she was after Tye, and then losing, they are seen later in the episode. Perhaps the fight damaged their memory, perhaps Elise threatened them, or perhaps she simply felt they didn't know anything too dangerous and she was busy deporting one person. Either way, they got lucky.
  • One of them appears to enjoy pretending to be a warlock, perhaps to fit the time period.