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Full Name: Wally
Gender: Male
First appearance: Dan VS The Wolf-Man
  • Weapons
  • Food
  • Jogging
Voice Actor:


Wally in his store.
Wally's apartment.
Wally as the Wolf-Man.


Wally (Real name Oswald) is an obese man, presumably in is 40s, who wears round glasses which blend our his eyes. His head is almost bald, with some dark brown hair around the ears left; he also has a beard shadow around his mouth. He is ether seen wearing a white apron over a light yellow shirt, an red tie, brown pants and black shoes. Alternatively, he is in a dark brown suit. In his Wolf-Man form, his statue is completely different with wide, muscular shoulders. He has brown fur and sharp claws, while wearing white and blue jogging shoes.

Career and Life[edit]

Wally is the owner and main employee of "Wally's Hardware Emporium and Explosives" throughout most of the series. In S2E16, he runs our of business because of the much cheaper ware prices at the newly opened Gigundo Mart. He expresses interest in taking on a job there, but since the mart is put out of business, he presumably goes back to his old job (this is the last episode he makes an appearance). He lives in an apartment complex in flat 314 and drives a pink car.

Personality and Traits[edit]

This friendly man has some dark secrets that are infrequently touched on in the show. For example, he does have a private reserve of weapons (including nuclear ones),


He turns into a Wolf-Man at very full moon. We learn that he took on jogging at some time, at least in his Wolf-Man form. He is also seen participating in sports at the local gym.