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Full Name: Chris Pearson
Alter Egos: Chris Boy, The Enchanted Chris
Gender: Male
Address: Mexico
Colors (incl. color hex code in daylight):
  • Skin: #ecc099
  • Hair: red-brown #866544
  • Eyes: blue #2c82a5
  • Shirt: orange #c16326,
  • T-shirt: blue #866544,
  • Pants: brown #938e64,
  • Shoes: brown #53443d, dark brown #1b1b1b, white #eaeaea

6'2" (188 cm)

First appearance: Dan VS New Mexico
  • Food
  • TV
  • Golf
Voice Actor:


Chris as a child.
Chris' ID.


Chris worked in a call center for a majority of the show runtime.
The home of Chris and Elise.

Chris one of the main characters of the show. He is a man in his 20s with short reddish hair, blue eyes and of big statue. He chooses to wear white socks in brown flip-flop type sandals, accompanied by an orange shirt, a blue t-shirt beneath and brown pants with large pockets.


He first met his childhood friend Dan at a summer camp where they were subjected to poor treatment by the camp leader and older campers. Their friendship continued into High School, where they were classmates. Chris partook in multiple activities, earning him a lot of participation ribbons. He always wanted to be the school mascot and practiced the slogan so much, he still knows it as an adult. However, he never got to wear the owl mascot suit because it was stolen beforehand. Chris remembers being bullied in High School – mainly by Dan.


Chris has been working in call centers as a telephone marketer. The layout of his workplace changes every episode it is shown in the show.


He is married and lives in a more remote area of Los Angeles. He has been arrested multiple times and committed countless crimes alongside Dan. He also has been sentenced to four weeks of anger management class, which drove him into actually anger issues (at least until the end of the respective episode).

Supposed Age[edit]

Chris’s ID states with birthday on the 22nd of February 1985, making him 26 at the start of the show (2011) and therefore 10 years younger than Dan. How both were still in the high school classes together is either an oversight while writing the show or Dan had to repeat multiple years of school.


The official Dan VS iTunes gift card confirms Chris is 6'2".




Chris is married to Elise. They share a household and a car. The couple has a stable relationship despite Dan’s antics and numerous attempts to convince him to ditch her. Chris is not aware of Elise’s real job and will swallow every falsehood she tells him to cover it up. He sometimes comes across the strange contraptions or experiments she’s working on but Elise will quickly change the subject when he asks what they are for or what exactly she’s doing.


His attempts to get along with his in-laws, Don and Elise Sr., but also Elise's brother, Ben, have been rather unsuccessful. They constantly ridicule him for being a bad match for Elise, for example by calling him names and comparing him to her former fiancé Colby, who they praise as perfect. This hostility goes so far that Don and Elise Sr. try to ship Chris to a Siberian working camp with the help of Dan (S2E17).

Chris and Dan stick together, no matter what.



His friend Dan often calls or drops by his house unexpectedly whenever he needs Chris’ help for questionable plots. Their friendship has been going on so long, he doesn’t even question it anymore. There have been severe tensions between the two (including a fight to the death (S2E17), but since Dan will always rely on his help, no matter how much Chris refuses, their quests will continue.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Chris is usually a level-headed person – patient, kind and empathic – who questions Dan’s motivations but ends up tagging along with his friend’s plans anyway (sometimes by force). One could say he is too friendly, helpful and gullible for his own good. On the other hand, he shows an addictive personality, becoming dependent on shopping, golf and rage, besides his issues with compulsive eating. He is troubled that Elise might leave him someday because he is far from perfect. Dan’s rant about that they should part are not helping, either.


Chris regenerates extremely fast from injuries. He can drive a truck (S1E1), catch a fish with his teeth (S1E6), eat in his sleep (S1E1) and has the requirements to be a competitive eater (S2E12). During one episode, Chris’ boss Mr. Bambridge notices his interest and talent in golfing and decides to train him. Chris ends up being downright addicted to golf, to the point where Elise and Dan team up stop him. At one point he decides to train for entering an eating contest show to proof his worth to Elise, despite her being strictly against it, being concerned about his health. He makes it into the show, only to pass out from eating.

Chris caring for his future food.


He is a fan of ‘Humongobots’ (S2E7) (in universe movie series parodying ‘Transformers’), ‘Space Monkeys from Outer Space’ and reality shows, as well as baseball. Together with Elise, he sometimes does charity work for sick children (S2E7). His greatest passion is food and whenever possible he will seek out to eat, even if it gets him in trouble (S2E4, S3E4). He will even lie if confronted with his overeating problem. In the first episode, we see him lovingly caring for potted tomatoes and he stated that he has a tomato garden (S1E3).

Character Design and Casting[edit]

The character is loosely designed after show co-creator Chris Pearson by character designer Chris Battle. He is voiced by actor and voice actor Dave Foley.