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Full Name: Elise Pearson Junior
Alter Egos: Dancing Shadow, Eliza, Irene Dinkleman
Gender: Female
Address: Outskirts of LA
Colors (incl. color hex code in daylight):
  • Skin:
  • Hair: red
  • Eyes: dark
  • T-shirt: white, red
  • Pants: blue
  • Shoes: white, red

5'6" (167.64 cm)


and many more.

First appearance: Dan VS New Mexico
  • Sports
  • Weapons
  • Science
Voice Actor:

Paget Brewster


Elise as a child.
Young Elise mastering a life-threatening obstacle course.


Elise is one of the main characters of the show. Her figure is slender, but with noticeable hips. Her hair is semi-straight, long and dark red. It forms a tip at the lower end. Her eyes are very large with a purplish-black iris and white pupil. She is dressed in a white t-shirt with red lines along the ends on neck and arms, blue, wide jeans and Converse-like sneakers in white and red.


We learn that Elise traveled to New Mexico as a child, where she was facing a flock of roadrunners, who surrounded her and stole her cotton candy. This upset her so much she still carries a grudge against roadrunners and New Mexico in general.
Another event that haunts her is the performance of Magnifico the Magnificent at one of her birthday parties early in life. In one of his tricks, Magnifico strapped her to a turning wheel and threw knives close to her. As an adult, she still hates magic and magicians.

Her parents had her partake in various activities involving sports and self-defense, while what she really wanted to take on was dancing. This is the reason while she is striving to train for a dancing contest and to win it. Elise mentioned she lived in Japan when she was 14, where she crossed paths with the Koshugi Clan.


Elise works for a secret, shadow-y government organization of an unknown name. Her code name is 'Dancing Shadow' and she refers to her contact person as 'Eagles Nest'. Her family is unaware of her workplace. When asked, she will quickly change the subject. She is commonly seen working on high-tech contraptions and experiments – handling, developing or improving weaponry provided by her workplace, such as a shrink cannon.


The home of Chris and Elise.

She is married and lives in a more remote neighborhood of LA.



Elise Sr.[edit]

She insists on calling her daughter ‘Junior’, which Elise despises. Like her daughter, Elise Senior has some secrets to hide from her loved ones.


Elise’s father is a strict, sarcastic man who will constantly question his daughter's choice to have married Chris.


Ben is Elise’s younger brother – a teen who lives with his parents. We don’t learn a lot about their sibling relationship, but they seem to get along fine.


Her husband Chris is very different in personality and shape than herself. We do not learn how and where they met. Elise is drawn to his laid-back, friendly personality, even if he is unsuccessful in his life and career. Despite this, she is worried about his unhealthy eating habits and tries to get him into doing more sports. Elise is looking for friends to hang out with Chris (other than Dan), but so far with no success.


Dan is Chris’s childhood friend who is vengeful and irrationally rude to Elise. He drags Chris on dangerous misadventures and Elise frequently has to step in to stop him from causing disaster. On rare occasions, they will work together for a greater good. Dan actively saves Elise's life at one point in S1E3, while Elise saves Chris and Dan many times. Unbeknownst to her and Dan, the two of them are cousins as confirmed in (S2E1) when Dan reveals he stole the deviled egg recipe owned by his grandma, Elise's mom's mother.


Elise’s ex-fiance is a man of flawless looks and behavior. He has many positive traits but places his own wellbeing over that of others in risky situations. Elise Sr. and Don still see Colby as a perfect fit for their daughter. She herself, however, is happy with Chris.

Elise and Dan often get into arguments.


Eagle's Nest[edit]

This person will talk to her via a wristband, or even her TV, and give orders and information. Not even Elise knows what he looks like because the organization erased her memories of the meeting.


Ninja Dave[edit]

Ninja Dave belongs to a clan of ninjas that Elise had a feud with. She ends up beating him in battle and they overcome their differences.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Elise is fit, sportive, self-assured, and highly intelligent. She usually has a positive, can-do attitude and works hard to achieve her goals. Despite this, she tends to hold grudges for life and is extremely stubborn.


She can handle any stressful and dangerous situation. It is not wise to mess with her, as she is highly skilled and trained in deception, electronics, hacking, chemistry, self-defense, handling of weapons, and much more. She often serves as a deus ex machina.


Elise loves sports, especially dancing.

Character Design and Casting[edit]

The character is loosely designed after show co-creator Chris Pearson's wife by character designer Chris Battle. She is voiced by actor and voice actor Paget Brewster.