Ninja Dave

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Full Name: (Ninja) Dave
Gender: Male
First appearance: Dan VS The Ninja
  • Baking
  • Ninjutsu
Voice Actor:


Ninja Dave in his ninja gear.
Ninja Dave at work.


Ninja Dave is a young man ether from Japan or with Japanese roots with black, spiky hair on top of his head, while his sides are shaved. On his first appearance, he is wearing a black ninja outfit, but later, a red shirt with his bake shop logo on it, a short apron, blue jeans and a white hat with the image of a cookie on it.

Career and Life[edit]

This ninja is the last member of the Koshugi Clan. The rest of the clan died in an accident, due to stintedly rented bus and inattentive driving. As a member, he is a trained assassin and dedicated to stealing sweet bakery items, and swore an oath never to bake himself. Ninja Dave himself also remembers Elise, dramatically, as an 'ancient enemy' and challenges her to a 1 on 1 combat, which Elise wins, with a little help of Dan.

After this incident and to make up for the damage he caused, he steps down from being a ninja, breaking his oath, as he bakes a batch of cookies for his new friends. The cookies turn out so good that he decides to open a cookie shop himself, using the money the insurance paid out for the lost lives of his former clan.

Personality and Traits[edit]

While being fierce and extremely loyal, he is friendly to people he got to know better. Despite this, he is somewhat of a coward, as he pleas for mercy in a combat to the death, which he initiated. We learn that he has an emotional side, as he is said to be 'in bed crying' when his business greatly suffers from the opening of the nearby Gigundo Mart, in S2E16. He is very passionate about cookies and will react violently if he tastes bad ones.

He speaks with a strong Japanese accent at first (probably to appear more dramatic), but later in the episode, he speaks accent-free.