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Full Name: Crunchy
Gender: Male
First appearance: Dan VS The Animal Shelter
  • Music
  • Animal care
  • Helping people
Voice Actor:


Crunchy at the animal shelter.
Crunchy, luring in bears.


Crunchy is a young man in his 20s or 30s. He wears beads on his neck and right wrist, pink colored sunglasses, brown sandals, blonde dreadlocks and a crude, curly beard on his chin. His light green shirt is overly long and above it is a purple vest with big pockets. His light brown pants are slightly ripped around at his ankles.

Career and Life[edit]

He has had many jobs throughout the show. We first meet him in S1E5, where he takes care of the local animal shelter. In S1E7 he works for Wally at his hardware store, presumably loosing his job after Dan raids the store while luring him outside. He is as a wildlife conservation worker in S1E19, using artificial bear hormones to attract bears and relocate them. We see him working for Great Will, a social welfare organization in S1E10. He was a contestant in a reality show S2E14, trying to win the heart of a lady bachelor.

Personality and Traits[edit]

As a stereotypical hippie, Crunchy uses 'far-out' words like 'broface', 'crinkled' etc. He is friendly, naive and usually up to help out with animal or social welfare. On some occasions, he is acting selfish, like dancing on top of Dan's car without provocation S2E4 or leaves his workplace behind to get into an argument about Hacky Sacks S1E7. Throughout the series, we notice some of his personal traits: most of the time he is cheerful and calm, but in S1E10, he confesses that he has come to terms with the meaninglessness of existence.