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Season 1

No. Title Card Title Summary Screenshot
1 DanVSNewMexico.png Dan VS. New Mexico Dan gets attacked by items related to New Mexico and goes on a road trip to hit the state where it hurts. S01E01Prev.png
2 DanVSTheWolfMan.png Dan VS. The Wolf Man Dan's car gets scratched and he's sure it was the Wolf Man, whom he is now trying to hunt down. S01E02Prev.png
3 DanVSTheNinja.png Dan VS. The Ninja Dan gets attacked by a mysterious Ninja in search of a very specific recipe. S01E03Prev.png
4 DanVSTheDentist.png Dan VS. The Dentist Dan suspects his Dentist is a fraud and uncovers his dark secrets. S01E04Prev.png
5 DanVSTheAnimalShelter.png Dan VS. The Animal Shelter Unable to sleep from all the noise, Dan decides to target the Animal shelter. S01E05Prev.png
6 DanVSCanada.png Dan VS. Canada Dan has had it with the Canada related stuff around him and decides to cover the country in snow and ice. S01E06Prev.png
7 DanVSTraffic.png Dan VS. Traffic The traffic in his area has gotten overwhelming, so Dan tries various ways to stop people from driving. S01E07Prev.png
8 DanVSDinnerTheatre.png Dan VS. Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theater After unheard complains about the poor quality of performance and food, Dan takes on a role to bring the theater down. S01E08Prev.png
9 DanVSBaseball.png Dan VS. Baseball Baseball fans destroy Dan's car and so he is out to take bring down the sport itself. S01E09Prev.png
10 DanVSSAF.png Dan VS. The Salvation Armed Forces Dan accidentally donated his car to charity and will stop at nothing to get it back. S01E10Prev.png
11 DanVSTheBeach.png Dan VS. The Beach Some beach loving people block all parking spots in Dan's area and so he sees himself forced to destroy the beach. S01E11Prev.png
12 DanVSGeorgeWashington.png Dan VS. George Washington A tree has been chopped down next to Dan's car, crushing it. Dan is sure there can only be one culprit. S01E12Prev.png
13 DanVSTechnology.png Dan VS. Technology Dan gets a computer which breaks quickly, thus he decides that the man behind the product has to pay. S01E13Prev.png
14 DanVSTheBarber.png Dan VS. The Barber Dan is getting a haircut in anticipation of a date, but his barber has other plans. S01E14Prev.png
15 DanVSArt.png Dan VS. Art Dan's car has been turned into a piece of art without notice so he seeks revenge on anything accompliced with art. S01E15Prev.png
16 DanVSElisesParents.png Dan VS. Elise's Parents Dan frames Don for being in the mafia because he wants to spend quality time with Chris at a Renaissance fair. S01E16Prev.png
17 DanVSFancyRestaurant.png Dan VS. The Fancy Restaurant Dan's favorite sandwich shop is replaced by an uptight restaurant and he revolts against it. S01E17Prev.png
18 DanVSDanImpostor.png Dan VS. Dan (Impostor) An impostor tries to take over Dan's life and friends. S01E18Prev.png
19 DanVSFamilyCampingTrip.png Dan VS. The Family Camping Trip Dan wants to take Chris to a horror film festival, but a pre-sheduled camping trip gets in the way. S01E19Prev.png
20 DanVSBurgerphile.png Dan VS. Burgerphile The fast food restaurant gets Dan's order wrong and he takes that offense very seriously. S01E20Prev.png
21 DanVSTheMagician.png Dan VS. The Magician A street magician steals from Chris and Dan, and they make their move to get back what's theirs, while exposing the tricks. S01E21Prev.png
22 DanVSLemonadeStandGang.png Dan VS. The Lemonade Stand Gang A group of kids bully people into buying lemonade, and Dan is just the guy to take them out of business. S01E22Prev.png

Season 2

No. Title Card Title Summary Screenshot
1 DanVSFamilyThanksgiving.png Dan VS The Family Thanksgiving Dan is invited to Thanksgiving at Elise's parent's house and things take a turn for the worse when he finds out why. S02E01Prev.png
2 DanVSTheMallSanta.png Dan VS The Mall Santa Chris and Dan try to make extra money at the mall, but the mall Santa isn't in a Christmas-y mood. S02E02Prev.png
3 DanVSTheNeighbors.png Dan VS The Neighbors New people move in next to Dan and he is convinced they want to eat him. S02E03Prev.png
4 DanVSDancing.png Dan VS Dancing A dancing craze swaps over the area, including Elise and Chris, and Dan tries to shake it off. S02E04Prev.png
5 DanVSTheBank.png Dan VS The Bank Dan tries to get back 50 cents from the local bank and spirals into robbing it. S02E05Prev.png
6 DanVSMonsterUnderBed.png Dan VS The Monster Under The Bed Dan is convinced that an otherworldly being lives under his bed and his friends generously help out. S02E06Prev.png
7 DanVSGolf.png Dan VS Golf Chris gets so deeply into golf that only Dan and Elise together can stop him. S02E07Prev.png
8 DanVSTheGym.png Dan VS The Gym Dan is concerned about his friends getting too much into shape and takes a peek what's behind this fitness conspiracy. S02E08Prev.png
9 DanVSTheWedding.png Dan VS The Wedding Dan tries to stop the wedding of his beloved Hortence and Mr. Burger. S02E09Prev.png
10 DanVSTheCatburglar.png Dan VS The Catburglar A rare cat is stolen and a mysterious lady asks Dan to get it back – Film Noir style. S02E10Prev.png
11 DanVSTheDinosaur.png Dan VS The Dinosaur A dinosaur breaks loose on L.A. Together with a famous hunter, Chris, Dan and Ben try to track it down. S02E11Prev.png
12 DanVSStupidity.png Dan VS Stupidity Dan is convinced people are getting more and more stupid, and tries to find the cause. S02E12Prev.png
13 DanVSTheTelemarketer.png Dan VS The Telemarketer A telemarketer is doing an excellent job to drive Dan insane. S02E13Prev.png
14 DanVSRealityTV.png Dan VS Reality TV Dan gets thrown into a reality show and goes through antics to escape it. S02E14Prev.png
15 DanVSParents.png Dan VS Parents Dan is fed up with how parents are raising their children, so he decides to set an example. S02E15Prev.png
16 DanVSGigundoMart.png Dan VS Gigundo-Mart A bulk discount store opens near Dan's apartment and Chris gets addicted to shopping there. S02E16Prev.png
17 DanVSChris.png Dan VS Chris Chris and Dan fight over a rare movie prop they won on a radio show together, and things get out of control. S02E17Prev.png
18 DanVSWildWestTown.png Dan VS Wild West Town Chris and Dan come across a Wild West town, only to learn the harsh truth about it. S02E18Prev.png

Season 3

No. Title Card Title Summary Screenshot
1 DanVSAngerManagement.png Dan VS Anger Management After Dan almost destroys humanity, he is sentenced to anger management class, only to teach the instructor his ways. S03E01Prev.png
2 DanVSTheMummy.png Dan VS The Mummy A mummy makes a home in Dan's apartment and he is trying to get rid of it. S03E02Prev.png
3 DanVSTheBoss.png Dan VS The Boss Dan gets a position at Chris' workplace and is doing better than expected. S03E03Prev.png
4 DanVSTheMechanic.png Dan VS The Mechanic Mechanic Mike keeps messing with Dan's car, but for a reason involving a dangerous sport. S03E04Prev.png
5 DanVSHSReunion.png Dan VS The High School Reunion Dan didn't get invited to the reunion and seeks revenge. S03E05Prev.png
6 DanVSTheCommonCold.png Dan VS The Common Cold Dan gets a cold for the first time in his life and tries every cure to stop it. S03E06Prev.png
7 DanVSTheDMV.png Dan VS The DMV Dan's driver's license gets revoked and he must fight against bureaucracy's deadliest tricks to get it back. S03E07Prev.png
8 DanVSTheSkiTrip.png Dan VS The Ski Trip Dan tags along on a ski trip due to a misunderstanding and decides that people should no longer ski in general. S03E08Prev.png
9 DanVSJuryDuty.png Dan VS Jury Duty Dan and Elise must attend jury duty, but Dan takes the law into his own hands. S03E09Prev.png
10 DanVSVegetables.png Dan VS Vegetables Dan is disgusted by vegetables being served at Burgerphile. He uses secret modern technology to get rid of the problem. S03E10Prev.png
11 DanVSTheSuperhero.png Dan VS The Superhero The local superhero 'Terrific Guy' destroys Dan's car and so Dan is out to face him as an equal. S03E11Prev.png
12 DanVSFamilyCruise.png Dan VS The Family Cruise Dan mistankenly joins a family cruise ship where he faces game challenges and inexplicable doom. S03E12Prev.png
13 DanVSSummerCamp.png Dan VS Summer Camp Chris and Dan have a trip down memory lane, telling to Elise how they bonded at a summer camp and how they took it down. S03E13Prev.png