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Full Name: Not known
Gender: Male
First appearance: Dan VS The Animal Shelter
  • Food
  • Cat language
  • Lifeless bodies
Voice Actor:

not known



This man, whose name we never learn, wears a black wool hat, a gray hoodie, brown jacket with patches on it, torn blue jeans and black shoes – one of them is missing the top so that his toes are showing (as his character images is sometimes mirrored, on which side he wears the shoe is changing). His whole outfit is stained. He has a long, brown beard and looks like he is in his 40s.

Career and Life[edit]

This poor man lives on and roams the streets of L.A. Nothing is implied if he ever had another kind of life or a job.

Personality and Traits[edit]

We first and once see him seemingly only wearing a blanket when riding the bus (S1E5). He sees himself fit as a tech genius because he 'once lived inside a computer box for six months', which makes him a team member of Dan's revenge against art (S1E15). Apparently he believes in the existence of aliens and played checkers with Frank Sinatra, 'not the singer, but the clown'. He picked up speaking cat language on the street – at least his 'own interpretation' of it. He points out to Dan that his cat, Mr. Mumbles, is actually female. He says about himself that he eats anything. He gets captured by museum guards, but ends up on the street again, as has a final appearance short after, in (S1E17), where he grabs a lobster that Dan released to be his dinner.