Mr. Mumbles

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Full Name: Mr. Mumbles
Alter Egos: Mumble Cat
Gender: Female
Address: Casa Paradisio, North Hollywood, LA
Colors (incl. color hex code in daylight):
  • Fur: dark gray #434750 + light gray #b7babf
  • Ears and Nose: pink #e48aa6
  • Eyes: green #a8c889

approx. 1 ft (33 cm)

First appearance: Dan VS The Animal Shelter
  • Food
  • TV
  • Pigeons
Voice Actor:


Mr. Mumbles is a female cat of a fictional breed, who was adopted from an animal shelter by Dan. She is also the main reason that Dan let the shelter animals run free instead of blowing them up because he instantly fell for her.
When naming her, Dan first goes with Mumbles, but shortly after revises the name to Mr. Mumbles. Dan was not aware of her gender when naming her. The fact that she is female is revealed to him a hobo, who shoves Mr. Mumbles into Dan’s face, belly first, while stating ‘Girl cat.’, supposedly so Dan could take a closer look for himself. The hobo quickly changes the subject when asked how he found out about this (S1E15).

Mr. Mumbles sometimes accompanies Dan on his misadventures, but usually stays in Dan’s apartment.


Her supposed breed is mentioned by Ms. O'Hoolahan as a ‘Himalayan Switchback’, which is later revealed to be a lie and that this name refers to a type of rocking chair (in universe only, because there is no kind real live of rocking chair associated with this term) (S1E10). Her color scheme resembles a Blue Point type cat, but with interchanged color pattern. Instead of having gray spots on her face, ears, paws and tail while the body is creamish-white, the colors are switched to a gray body and white spots. Also, instead of the blue eyes typical for Blue Point cats, her eyes are green.

Two photos (Photo 1)(Photo 2), posted by the official Dan VS Facebook site, show a long haired, Chocolate Point colored cat of possibly either Ragdoll or Neva Masquarade breed (mixed breed could be possible also), which is owned by Dan Mandel. However, the site has never clearly stated that this cat is the reference for Mr. Mumbles.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Mr. Mumbles is a smart cat.

When startled, she has the habit of going straight for Dan’s face, leaving scratch marks all over. She also clawed Dan’s back when he gave her a bath [11].

When angry, she will bite (S2E1, Chris’ hand). She waves her tail a lot, which suggests that she is constantly angry, just like her owner.

She is fond of Impostor Dan, much to the displeasement of Dan.

Mr. Mumbles has many talents, including communication with Dan by meowing, hopping into Dan’s arms on command and possibly even spelling [14]. She likes to mess with pigeons (S1E21).



Mr. Mumbles is voiced by Paget Brewster. The ‘generic movie cat scream’ is also used to voice her, as well as other cat sounds with unknown origin.

Despite being a main character, she doesn't appear in every episode. Her first occurrence is in Episode 5, the second at the end of episode 9. Next we only hear her screech, but don't see her in episode 11. Her fourth appearance is in Episode 14. In her first appearance on the show, Mr. Mumbles is still a kitten. Next time she appears, she is much bigger. Her exact size is uncertain as her character model constantly changes its size during episodes.