Impostor Dan

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Full Name: Not known
Gender: Male
First appearance: Dan VS The Impostor
  • Tidyness
  • Scamming
  • Baking
  • Fishing
Voice Actor:



This man has a striking resemblance to Dan, also having short, black hair and a goatee, which is, however, trimmed to a triangle. His eyes are blue and his nose is rounder than Dan's. In general, his design is made to look "cleaner" than Dan himself. Later, we see him wearing a blue shirt and a headset for his telemarketer uniform.

Career and Life[edit]

He mentions that he has been impersonating other people so far. For what reason he ended up taking the identity of other people is not known. He was working as a baker at some point and is able to bake great cakes. We first encounter the Impostor being dressed up as Dan in his Dan's apartment as he is trying to take over the life of this poor soul with no family connections and just one friend. When Dan's attempts fail to get the Impostor out of his house and life, he hands him all of his identification papers, just before the police rush in to take the impostor (now being identified as Dan) to prison for missing a court date. After this setback, he starts working for a telemarketer company and repeatedly calls Dan from various phones, lays out traps for him and even dresses up as Mr. Mumbles – all to drive Dan insane. The Impostor ends up getting away and we see him spending quality time fishing on a lake while Dan is in prison.

Personality and Traits[edit]

The Impostor has a persuasive and winning personality, being able to win over Mr. Mumbles, Chris and Elise fairly quickly. He is a tidy person who helps out his friends and neighbors. Besides his seemingly charming personality, he is cunning, arrogant and shows no respect towards Dan.