Madame Zelda

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Full Name: Madame Zelda
Gender: Female
First appearance: Dan VS George Washington
  • The Mysterious
  • Making money off gullible people
Voice Actor:

Paget Brewster

Madame Zelda is a recurring character in Dan Vs. She is a phone psychic, pathological liar, con artist, and in general a mockery of Miss Cleo and other psychic scammers.


Madame Zelda.
Madame Zelda's shop, outside
Madame Zelda's shop, inside.


Madame Zelda is a woman of unknown age and nationality, though her voice when not putting on the accent suggests she originates from Jersey, speaking in a sterotypical Jersey Shore dialect. Her wrinkled skin and wide hips suggests she's in her 40s. She has blonde hair in a hair bun and wears glasses. She dresses as a stereotypical Romani/Gypsy, with a lot of pink and purple tones in her clothing. As well she puts on a heavy fake Romani accent. She is a relatively thin caucasian woman, thought she has a rather large set of hips.

Career and Life[edit]

Madame Zelda is a fortune teller/psychic who offers various services (contacting the dead, selling protective figurines, ect.) to people who believe in her craft. Others might say that she is scamming people for a living, including Dan, when running her business. She has "degrees from every major psychic institution in the country" (some honorary). She works in a shop that also seems to be her living quarters. She is heavily based off of Miss Cleo, infamous phone psychic and scammer.

Personality and Traits[edit]

She has no shame in scamming her customers for money, showing traits consistent with being a pathological liar. During the episode, "Dan VS. George Washington", Dan and Chris went to her in order to get in contact with the spirit of George Washington. It was obvious to Chris that when she was supposedly channeling Washington's spirit during the séance, he points out that is not how he would act. Dan, however, believes all the false acting she puts on. It made Madame Zelda nervous as Chris continues to quiz her based on the facts of the president. After Dan and Chris leaves, it's evident she was faking her foreign accent as she said in her American accent, "The things I do for 50 bucks."

In the episode, "Dan VS. The Monster Under The Bed", when Dan and Chris came back to her once again, it is clear that she really hates Dan and wants nothing to do with him since the last time she helped him from their first meeting. She tries to sell him figurines for 200 dollars, but Dan runs off without paying for them. They turn put to be gold painted toy soldiers, and also useless.

Roles in Episodes[edit]

In Dan Vs. George Washington, she is the psychic that Dan and Chris contact in an attempt to catch The Ghost of George Washington. It's unknown how Dan heard of her, as this is their first encounter. Despite Chris's reluctance, her simple manipulation and misdirection techniques quickly enthrall Dan. Her master of money and con skills are clear, as she intentionally plays the conversation to get as much money from Chris as possible.

Like most psychics, she puts up a heavy veil of mysticism and expressionistic tricks to keep the duo following, using the famous 'table kick', and then claiming she's been processed by George Washington(A MO used by several early psychics)

Her routine is interrupted when Dan, convinced she's been possessed by George Washington, attempts to kill 'him' with an axe, causing her to briefly slip out of role into her native Jersey style accent. Despite Dan obviously being unstable, Zelda is seemingly unable to resist the urge to keep up the charade and get her cash, and quickly goes back into character. She uses her voice as 'George Washington' to share her real thoughts on Dan, viewing him as a "Angry little man with a smashed car, thousands of people visit my home every week, does anyone ever visit your home?"

She fails to realize Dan walked out, having forgotten her prior commitment to "Asking for payment first". She is last seen chasing them down on foot, screaming she needs her payment.


She only appeared in two episodes throughout the whole series.