Theatre Custodian

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Can I take your order

He is a minor character who appears in the episode, Dan VS Ye Olde Shakespearean Theatre

He wears an orange and yellow custodian suit in the episode.

At the start of the episode, he attempts to peacefully remove Dan from the restaurant after he gets into an argument with the waiter, though this escalation fails and he eventually has to throw down out.

He later joins the angry mob to throw Dan off the stage when he hijacks the show.

Once Dan makes Tye disappear, we see him in a conversation with Pink Shirted Theatre Actor. Apparently the Custodian planned to go play minigolf with Tye, and attempted to invite Pink Shirt, but he declined, as he had had recent ear surgery and could not get wet. After pink shirt is taken out by Dan, The Custodian expresses regret, stating he wanted the role as Hamlet, but "Not like this"

He then attempts to pick the best sword from the barrel of options, but just as he picks one, he has a glue coated horse head prop dropped on his head, causing him to quickly passout due to airloss.

He is last scene on the stretcher heading to the ambulance, the paramedics verifying that they've "seen it a million times:"


  • He has two deleted scenes. One is an extended version of the sword scene, the other is an extended version of the horsehead conversation.
  • Despite his outfit making it obvious, he is never officially called a custodian.