Head Theatre Actor

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The Head Theatre actor is....well, the head actor of the Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre. He is consistently portrayed as an egotistical, self centered jerk, under the delusion he's a famous actor. Despite working a lowly role at a struggling dinner theatre, he seems convinced he has an army of adoring fans.

Events of the Episode[edit]

The Head Theatre Actor is an egotistical self centered actor, who works at Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre. Despite his lowly position and complete lack of understanding of Shakespeare and Elizabethian English, he is the most outgoing actor of the group, taking the leadership/mentorship role even over the far superior actor Tye.

Events of episode[edit]

He is seen at the start of the episode, preforming a rendition of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', playing the role of Romeo with Tye playing Juliet. He quickly calls out Dan for interrupting the play. Shortly after Dan is kicked out, he is seen with Tye, buffing his own ego further and complaining about his soda(tossing it on Dan's head, triggering him to declare revenge)

He leads the tomato wielding mob that throws Dan off the stage during his first break in, rallying the whole crew(with the notable exception of the Theatre Owners) against Dan.

We see him the next day, still with Tye, where he misuses a quote and attempts to attack Dan(who backs off after Tye whips Chris with his sword)

He isn't seen again until later that afternoon, where he grants the Custodian the role of Hamlet, questioning who will play the other roles while simultaneously continuing to talk himself up. When the custodian is incapacitated later that night, the Head Actor expresses confusion as to how such a thing could happen, his concerns brushed off by the medical personal. He then briefly argues with the Theatre Owners as to how many weird things had happened, before being told he's every role. His ego bursting at the seams, he goes to throw up and then practice.

He attempts to proceed with the show as planned, but just as the introduction starts, Dan's plan to taint the soup stirs discontent amongst the audience. With Dan on the stage, he (in broken middle english) tries and fails to scare Dan off, eventually leading to an on stage sword fight. Dan calls out his lack of understanding of both Shakespeare and Elizabeth English, with Dan countering back. The crowd gets progressively more upset as the fight goes on, until Dan eventually wins, knocking the actor to the ground and inciting a riot. Despite his efforts to stop them, the crowd swarms the stage, forcing the Head Actor to flee. He is last seen fleeing the building to escape the angry mob.


  • As Dan points out, his understanding of Extremely Early Modern English (AKA Elizabethian English) is extremely poor.
  • He does NOT like warm soda.