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Tye is a minor character of Dan Vs. He appears in the episode, Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre

He has blonde hair and wears a blue dress(both on and off set) Despite TheHead Theatre Actor taking the role as his mentor, Tye seems to be a more talented actor then his mentor, or anyone else in the company for that matter. He

Role in the Episode[edit]

At the start of the episode, Tye is preforming Romeo and Juliet with the Head Actor, playing the role of Juliet. He seems to have a decent understanding of the role, atleast compared to his mentor.

He walks out of the Theatre with his mentor, who praises his act(though noting that he's not as good as him). He also apparently makes plans to go minigolfing with the Theatre Custodian the next night.

The next day, he leads the charge to throw Dan off the stage, and later(along with his mentor) stops Dan from breaking in via the window. He continuously taunts Chris throughout the exchange, growing more and more aggressive until eventually whipping Chris with his sword, scarring his face.

It becomes clear that Tye is into cross dressing, as he enjoys talking to himself in the mirror and calling himself a girl. He also wears a dress whenever possible. He seems to be ashamed by this fact, as when Elise storms in he attempts to cover it up.

Elise comes after Tye, seeking vengeance for Chris's injury. Tye attempts to defend himself with a sword(after having been practically dared to Elise), failing miserably and being knocked unconscious by Elise within seconds.

According to Elise, he was sent to Guatemala. He's never been heard from since.


  • Inexplicably, Elise reveals herself to be Chris's husband to Tye, along with revealing her suit, and the fact she had been training with deadly weapons since age 7. Perhaps this was to justify to her group a reason for deporting him, but other episodes conflict that she'd even need a reason. Perhaps she simply wanted to watch him squirm.
  • It's unknown exactly how deep or far Tye's cross dressing went(though him referring to himself as a girl is telling) as he was deported. He does seem to enjoy dresses though.
  • Tye seems to be extroverted, hanging out with both the Head Actor and the Custodian, even inviting the latter out for mini-golf.
  • It's possible some of Tye's more selfish actions are a result of the Head Actors bad influence