The Lemonade Stand Gang

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Template:Infobox episode "The Lemonade Stand Gang" is the twenty-second and final episode of the 1st season and the twenty-second episode overall.

It originally aired on July 9, 2011.


Dan and Chris set out to stop a group of underage ruffians who have begun extorting money from local residents through a neighborhood lemonade stand.


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  • Dan quotes The Princess Bride when he says "inconceivable!"
  • The Lemonade Stand Gang hates being called "hooligans".
  • Elise is concerned about Chris being beat up until she learns he was beat up by children. 
  • Timmy reads "The New Adventures of Population Control Johnny" and "Effective Business Strategies for Successful Pre Teens".
  • Dan, Chris and Elise visit Ninja Dave's Cookies in this episode.
  • The Wolf-Man (in human form) is seen taking Dolores home, so it's possible that Dolores is actually his daughter.
  • The Animal Shelter from it's respective episode is seen in this episode, but this can't be possible since it was destroyed by Dan and replaced with a firing range.



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  • This episode is the only appearance of Tara Strong in the series so far.
  • "This week, Dan is mounting a crusade against a group of local delinquents in "Dan Vs. The Lemonade Stand Gang." Premieres Saturday at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT!" - description